A ONE AND A TWO DESIGN(文途品牌设计顾问)是一家位于广州以平面设计为主导的新型创意设计工作室。核心团队由具有10年以上出版物编辑设计、品牌设计经验的资深设计组成,我们为客户提供品牌VI设计、展览/活动视觉识别、出版物编辑设计、包装设计、摄影等专业服务。



Founded in 2017, A ONE AND A TWO DESIGN is a new creative design studio based in Guangzhou with a flat design. The core team consists of senior design with more than 10 years of publication editing design and brand design experience. We provide professional services such as brand VI design, exhibition/activity visual identification, publication editing design, packaging design and photography.
We advocate openness, sharing, and multi-dimensional design, while paying attention to art, fashion, architecture, ecology, humanities, etc., infiltrating each other in different fields. Everything is a harmonious state. We try to find a precise point of convergence and provide works for the works. The most appropriate interpretation.